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    Domain Introduction
.CN (China)
.COM (Commercial)
.CO (Commercial)
.DE (Germany)
.JP (Japan)
.KR (Korea)
.NET (Network)
.TOP (Dot top)
.ONLINE (Online)
.ORG (Organization)
.TW (Taiwan)
.INFO (Information)
.IO (IN/Out)
.MOBI (Mobile)
.NAME (Personal)
.BIZ (Business)
.AC (Academic)
.WS (Website)
.TRAVEL (Travel)
.TM (TradeMark)
.CC (Company)
.TV (Television)
.TEL (Telephone)
.JOBS (Jobs Market)
.ASIA (Asia)
.HK (HongKong)
.SH (ShangHai)
.US  (USA)
.LA (Los Angeles)
.LC (St. Lucia)
.VC (St. Vincent)
.BZ (Belize)
.AG (Antigua and Barbuda)
.HN (Honduras)
.IN (India)
.MN (Mongolia)
.ME (Montenegro)
.SC (Seychelles)
 What Is .CO Domain?

. co domain is distributed by the ccTLD of ICANN and The Republic of Colombia.

Original price:50/yr   favorable price:$ 29.6 /yr  

Type: .co

Example: |

Registration Rules:

1. International domain name can be used 26 English characters without case sensitive, 10 numerals and ("-").

2. ("-") can not serve as the beginning and end of break character.

3. The full domain name may not exceed a total length of 63 characters.

What is .CO Domain
1)What is .co domain? What advantage of registering .co domain?
. co domain is distributed by the ccTLD of ICANN and The Republic of Colombia. Now .co is managed by one of the famous university named La Universidad de Los Andes.
In some British countries, 'company' is the expression of corporation, and the American English is company. .co can be a short for company clearly, and also can replace .com in some ways. .co domain name will be popular with its simple and will be familiar with nearly saturated market of .Com domain name.
2) Who can register .co domain? Is there any special requirement or restriction for registering .co domain?
Each individual and enterprise can register .co domain.
Taking the common register requirement of .co domain for reference, .co domain is a special domain as well as previous .cm domain. .co domain is a top-level domain name of Columbia country code. It can be registered and goes into effect by all applicants without submitting and auditing any documents. We also can ensure your domain would not be sold at auction. As the spelling of .co and .com is quite similar, it is not rare for users mixing up them mentally and technically. That is why .co domain becomes so-called typo domain. In fact, typo domain is a easily misspelled domain.
3 )How much length of .co domain name?What is the registration rules?
At least 3 characters, up to 63 characters .
Provide only English letters(a-z, case insensitive)、figure(0-9)and”-”(hyphen),Spaces and Special symbol is not available.”-” can not be used in the beginning or the end.
4 )What is the term of registration?
The registration period is 1 year to 5 years .
5 )How to register .co domain name?
.co can be effective immediately through our registration.
6 )How long is the renewal period?
The renewal period is 1 year to 9 years.
7 )How long is the grace renewal period? How to renew .co domain name?
.co domain name does not have grace renewal period, it will be immediately deleted by registry after expire and get into redemption period.
8 )Does .co domain name have Redemption Grace Period (RGP) ?
Yes, the RGP is 15 days.
9 )How long will a .co domain name be released to public registration from its expiry date?
.co domain name will go through a period after expired, as follow:
Restore redemption period within 15 days——Delete after 5 days If the partner does not renew or restore the domain name, it will be released to public registration in about 75 days after the date of expiration. Please pay attention, new registration should follow the principle of first come first served.
10 )Does .co domain name can be transferred? How?
Yes! Please note that the validity can be prolonged 1year after transferred.
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